LUCI GROUP 原人股份有限公司



以穩重、科技的視覺脈絡呈現LUCI Group的企業形象,蔚藍色的色彩帶出新穎的感受,「L」英文字母的反向錯視,正好呈現出「對話框」的圖形點出LUCI Group的核心價值「透過LUCI讓你與隱形的數據開始對話」。

LUCI focuses on the integration of Augmented Reality(AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT),visualizes the scattered-in-space data,and enables it to be actualized in reality.Based on each enterprise’s unique products,services and industry ecology,LUCI provides the best fitting innovative solutions,actively assists each user to complete all tasks,and enhances overall work efficiency and safety to become the driving force for humans to continuously move forward and to create a fun-filled journey out of it.